Hello good readers!

You have found your way to the fine print, or legalese, as it would be. However, I don’t want to bore you with convoluted jargon or undecipherable terms of service. So here, in plain English, is what you can expect as a reader of The Mighty Widow.


Disclosure Policy

This blog is one part personal therapy and one part personal income for me.

In 2015, I wrote about 500 articles as a freelance writer and conducted nearly 400 phone interviews for those articles. While it brought in good money to pay the bills, it required a lot of evenings and weekends working rather than playing with my kids. I don’t see writing at that level to be sustainable in the long run so I am hoping this blog will eventually become a source of income to replace some of those long nights spent hunched over the keyboard.

Since making money off from a blog involves you, my dear readers, you need to know:

• The ads on this site bring in revenue (currently pennies) based upon the number of readers and clicks.

• I belong to several affiliate and referral programs (such as Amazon, Stitch Fix and Zaycon). When you click on affiliate or referral links and make a purchase, I get a commission or credit. This costs you nothing extra, and I am extremely grateful for everyone who chooses to make a purchase through my links.

• If someone sends me something for free or at a reduced rate in exchange for a review, I will clearly let you know that in the post.

• Some bloggers are paid by companies to write about certain topics. This is known as a sponsored post. I haven’t done any sponsored posts, but if I do, they will be clearly marked as such.

The Federal Trade Commission requires bloggers to disclose how they make their income, but I’m not writing this because the government tells me to do so. I’m writing it because I want to be completely transparent and open with you.

Despite the fact I may make money on this website, everything I write comes from the heart. I won’t recommend a company, product or service unless it’s something I would buy for myself. That’s my promise to you.

Privacy Policy

This blog does not store any personal information about you except those details you may provide (i.e. through a comment or a newsletter sign-up).

However, anonymous demographic information may be collected for site analytics. This helps me to better understand my site visitors (i.e. their age, gender and geographic location) so I can better provide information that is relevant to them.

Third-party advertisers on the site may also collect this demographic information to assist in presenting relevant information.

Comment Policy

It’s inevitable we won’t agree all the time. Discussions are welcome, but name-calling is not. I will delete unkind comments at my discretion. Please remember that we are all doing the best we can with what life has handed us. If you disagree with me or someone else on the site, please think about how you would respond if your dear friend said the same thing and then type accordingly.