The Week Ahead: What’s On Tap

Even though I don’t think anyone is reading here yet (if I’m wrong: hello!), I am all about using public accountability to get things done.

Here’s how the week ahead should look for me:


Things I Need to Do

7 articles have hard deadlines this week.

1 child has a marching band competition.

5 of us have dentist appointments.

1 child has a doctor appointment.

1 extended family member has a birthday (yay, paaarty!)

And then there is all the normal running of children to and from school.


Things I Want to Do

Get at least 3 flexible deadline articles done.

Write one meaningful blog post.

Go for a walk every day (let’s be realistic and say two days).

Sleep 7.5 hours every day.

Eat dinner at the table three times this week.

Update my YNAB every morning.

Go to Gilda’s Club.


Priority #1: Start a Celebrate the Weekend tradition

If nothing else, what I really want to do is start a weekend tradition.

When I was on vacation, I read Notes from a Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenreider and was struck by how she, at least at one time, had a tradition of making homemade pizza on Friday nights with husband. It seemed like a fun way to welcome the weekend, and I’ve been rolling around in my head how to do something similar.

I’ve made homemade pizza before and with my five kids, it’s a recipe for lost sanity. So we’ll scratch that idea.

However, I do think I could manage an easy dessert on Friday night…a Welcome to the Weekend treat.

So that’s my goal for this week. I found a recipe in Cooking Light for popcorn balls and that might be the winner.

I’ll let you know on Saturday how (and if) it goes.


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      1. Thank you Elizabeth! It feels a bit odd to be putting myself out there like this, but I wish I’d known someone who’d “been there, done that” when I was struggling. My hope is that this place will turn into a resource for others who are feeling alone in their corner of the world.

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