Technical Difficulties…and Happy Birthday to My Husband

Aaaaand we’re back!

After a week of technical difficulties, the site is back up. As someone who feels anything but techie, it probably took me way longer than needed to get things back up and running, but such is life.

I’ve also received some comments about this WordPress theme probably not being the best fit for the site, and I don’t disagree. I could tell you the sad story that led me to use this current design, but it will have to wait until some other time when it is not 11:30pm and when I have not just spent hours trying to sort out hosting issues.

Suffice to say, we can only go up from here, right?!


On a different note, today would have been my husband’s 40th birthday. I can’t quite wrap my mind around him being 40…not when we met when he was 18. I try to envision what my husband would be like at 40 and simply can’t.

Of course, in reality, he probably wouldn’t be much different at 40 than he was at 37. But for some reason, it seems different.

I spent my day running people to school and appointments and then wrapping up interviews for some articles due next week. My oldest son had to play in the band at a football game tonight too. All in all, it didn’t leave much time to do anything special in memory of Dad. But I think tomorrow we’ll go out to eat and then the big kids and I will see Spectre in the evening.

That’s probably what Tom and I would have done so I guess that’s what me and the kids will do.

Has anyone seen Spectre yet? Any good?