Non-Widow News: I want to give your favorite charity $100

Gemalto, a digital security firm, asked me to participate in their EMV for a Week challenge. The goal is to see if the new chip cards we all received in the mail last fall are actually being used by retailers.

There are four personal finance writers participating, and the first to complete 10 tasks wins $400 for the charity of their choice.

You can read more about the challenge on Money Talks News.

To go along with the Gemalto challenge, I’m inviting readers to join in. I’m giving away $100 to the charity of choice for the first person to complete all ten tasks.

The details are at the end of the Money Talks News article linked above.

If you don’t want to participate in the challenge but want to follow along, you can do so on my Instagram and Google+ accounts (yes, it’s a pity I don’t have a Twitter account or Facebook page for this blog yet). My Instagram account is brand new and looking a little lonely so please come follow me even if you’re not interested in the challenge!

You can also search for the hashtag #ChipAwayAtFraud across all social media platforms to see how all the participants are doing.

I’m playing for The Pink Arrow Project, which is a local-to-me organization that helps cancer patients and their families as well as others facing serious illnesses. We were fortunate to get assistance from them while Tom was going through treatment.

Since I don’t usually shop on Sunday, I think I might be at a disadvantage but still hoping I can pull out a win!

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