Your Big List of Holiday Resources

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Hello friends!

I know this meme has been making the rounds for what seems like a few years now, but boy, did it seem accurate this year! I went out to get candy a few days before Halloween, and the seasonal section was already stocked with Christmas stuff.


Can we take it one holiday at a time? Pretty please, retailers?

But like or not, the season to be merry is just about here. Our family is firmly in the “Advent first and then 12 Days of Christmas” camp, but I know plenty of people will be stringing lights and buying trees next Thursday.

Speaking of Thursday…that’s Thanksgiving, you know.

It took me by surprise too. After all, it was 70 degrees (yes, 70!) in Michigan yesterday. But then the temperature dropped to 30 today, and now I’m frantically thinking about everything I haven’t done to prepare for the holidays.

To help you (and me) out, I’ve put together a couple Pinterest boards with Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas ideas. The Christmas one is a little sparse because Christmas is still the farthest thing from my mind right now, but I am sure it will be beefed up in the weeks to come.

Here are some highlights:


You can start by brushing up on your history.Eels anyone?

If you don’t want to stress about your bird, you could try cooking it a slow cooker. If you do this, let me know how it works out. Not sure I’m convinced yet.

I must confess, I kinda like it when people tell me what to do and when to do it.

For the overachievers in the crowd.

And who doesn’t want free Thanksgiving printables to decorate the house and entertain the kiddies?


The Advent wreath is the most common symbol of the season. Here’s more about what it means.

The Jesse Tree is another popular Advent activity, but it’s always felt a bit overwhelming to me. However, if you want to try it, Catholic Icing has a page devoted to Jesse Tree resources, and the Diocese of Erie has free ornaments you can print.

Kendra is one of my favorite Catholic bloggers, and I love her thoughts on Advent.

If this is your first year observing Advent, here are some simple suggestions to get you started.


My Christmas dream is to make one traditional cookie recipe each day of the 12 Days of Christmas. Pretty sure I need to wait until the kids are out the house first though.

Love the smell of fresh pine? Here are some buying tips.

This is another Christmas dream I have. But this one might need to wait until the cats are gone.

If you’re looking for a Christmas bucket list, this might be it.

Finally, the holidays are tough when you’re grieving. There are no magic words that can make it better and take away your pain. However, here are some suggestions on how to cope this holiday season.

No matter how you are celebrating (or not celebrating) this year, I wish you all my best.

While we normally go to a potluck dinner with extended family, this year I am staying home with the kids. My oldest will become an adult next year, and it feels important to have this Thanksgiving together and alone.

May your turkey be fully cooked, may your gravy be smooth and may your day be full of gratitude for the things you have today and for the things that are now in the past but forever on your mind.

All my love to you and yours,


The Mighty Widow


    1. Happy Thanksgiving and much love to you and your family, Maryalene!
      Karin Waterbury

      1. Thanks Karin! Hope you have a wonderful day too!

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